CAM Mécanique Inc. has the know-how to design quality, low-cost projects for the institutional industry. Whether we're coordinating or installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts and equipment, we make sure we meet current standards and requirements, while adhering to approved plans and specifications.

Also choose CAM Mécanique Inc. for your preventive maintenance contracts: we take care of everything… and of you!

Our Key Strengths

A few examples of how we regularly contribute to the success of institutional projects:

  • Coordination
  • Workshop design
  • Effective follow-up
  • Precision
  • Design-build conception
  • Construction upon plans and specifications
  • Heavy critical lifts with complex logistics (Put us to the test: we really love it!)

  • Central air system installations
  • Integration design
  • Design-build conception

  • Construction upon plans and specifications
  • Subcontractors management
  • Set-to-work and commissioning
  • Air exchangers, heat pumps
  • Bathroom fans, hoods
  • Gyms and garage ventilation
  • And so on.

Contact us or add CAM Mécanique Inc. to your invitation list to let us show you our know-how.